Facet Celebrates 20 Years

facet celebrates 20 years

Like many entrepreneurs, Darren Millard, owner and CEO of Facet Advisors, dreamt of owning his own business from an early age.  After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from UBC in 1989, Darren went on to earn a Chartered Accountant (CA) Designation for BC; a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Designation for Illinois; and a Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) Designation.

Throughout his education and career,  Darren knew that regardless of a company’s industry, size, age, or product/service offering, tax is a hot button issue for all entrepreneurs and businesses. He knew that many businesses were unknowingly leaving money on the table and that the leadership teams behind these businesses didn’t necessarily know how to structure their businesses for tax optimization. It was with this knowledge and the belief that he could provide genuine value that he and former partners co-founded LDMB Advisors Inc, which would be renamed Facet Advisors in 2011.

Over the past 20 years and with a consistent dedication to best-in-class expertise and service, Facet has experienced tremendous growth. Serving clients in industries including legal, medical, manufacturing, retailers, wholesalers, and industrial, Facet has been living Darren’s original vision of helping businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their accounting and financial goals.   


Facet isn’t your typical accounting firm:

  • Unlike most accounting firms who will only contact its clients at year end, Facet proactively sets quarterly reviews to ensure its clients are on top of their game.
  • With specialists in various areas, Facet’s close-knit team works together to ensure each client’s best interests are being met in all facets of accounting and tax.
  • Facet keeps abreast of industry news and how it might impact clients – and proactively shares that knowledge.
  • Facet works to its clients’ timelines – and can act fast if that’s what the client needs.     

Wanting to grow both personally and professionally, Darren joined Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) in 2014 and has volunteered his time as a Moderator, Finance Chair, and EO Accelerator Co-Chair. Believing wholeheartedly in EO’s mission to “transform the lives of those who transform the world”, Darren shares that he has built some of his strongest relationships and grown as an entrepreneur, leader, husband and father as a result of actively participating in EO.

In 2018, ahead of its 20th Anniversary, Facet became a member of HLB International, a leading global accountancy network with presence in over 150 countries. This affiliation allows Facet to provide even more value to its clients who conduct business outside of North America.

Upon reflecting on the past 20 years, Darren is grateful for Facet’s incredible team members, clients, and partners – and is looking forward to what the next 20 years has in store.  

Fun Facts about Facet

In 2008, we fulfilled one of our BHAGS by moving into our own stand alone building, conveniently located just off of the 200th Street Exit of Highway 1. With a “work hard / play hard” culture, our 2nd floor office space is equipped with a ping-pong table for brain breaks from number-crunching and beer and wine on tap for post-work gatherings. If you’re in the area, come by for a match or a bevvie!      

If you visit Facet, you might be greeted by one of two canine colleagues who join us on occasion. Staff Accountant Liam’s Long-Haired Miniature Dachshund, Zoe, and Darren’s Cockapoo, Jasmine, are the perfect additions to the Facet team!   

On Mondays and Wednesdays, you’ll find the Facet Team in a team huddle to share good news and priorities, and to get visibility into any broken processes or systems that are hindering from our mission.

With an attitude of gratitude, Facet gives back to our local and global communities. Our favourite causes include: The Langley Food Bank, The Ride to Conquer Cancer, Thunderbird Show Park, Under the Same Sun, Canucks Place, The Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation, and The Red Cross.  

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