Personal Tax Planning in Vancouver and Langley

Personal tax planning adds value to your life

As personal tax planners in Vancouver, we work to help reach your desired goals. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. That’s why we’re big on planning–estate tax planning, wills and trusts, and retirement planning. We do it all. And it’s through a combination of personal tax preparation a long term planning that we can help you to reach your goals and effectively deliver peace of mind.

Sure, we manage your taxes and personal returns, but we do so in the larger context of your business and family. That way, it’s possible to make sure that no significant deductions are missed. After all, personal tax rates are significantly higher than corporate tax rates, so it’s important to identify every opportunity to reduce your tax burden.

With a little help from the experienced personal  tax planners at Facet, you can rest assured that you’re savings can be converted into income when you need–and that your family members will be the primary beneficiaries of the wealth you’ve built up over the years. Set up an appointment to earn more about our full range of personal tax planning and consultation services.

Full scope services for peace of mind

Facet Advisors is pleased to offer A-Z personal tax planning services. We have an experienced team of US tax accountants, and, thanks to our affiliation with HLB International, we even cater to Canadian clients living  overseas who require assistance with: